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Essential Gears for Mountain Biking Sport

Mountain biking is a sport for some and a fun activity for others. No matter what your perception of mountain biking is, there is some preparation that you need to do before getting your bike on the trail, and it involves getting the essential gears, accessories, and some tools. For some people carrying the mountain biking water bottle will be the most important thing, while for others, it will be a puncture repair kit.

So, if you are also getting started with maintaining biking, here you will find the most essentials to get upfront.

Top 13 Essential Gears for Mountain Biking Sports

Here are our top 13 picks for the essential gear for mountain booking sport.

1. Mountain biking helmet

Your helmet is the most important mountain biking gear you will need before you get on the track. Now selecting the helmet from all the different types available depends on you but with every helmet, you must get enough protection around your head against impacts. Selecting between a trail, XC, and a full-face helmet depends on which type of track and riding style you choose.

2. Mountain biking water bottle

You cannot take any bottle when going mountain biking since the bottle needs to be durable. A stainless-steel bottle with vacuum insulation will be your perfect choice. So, if you want to buy your mountain biking water bottle, go for the wide-mouth bottle since it comes with all the features you need.

One thing to be very careful of when selecting a water bottle for mountain biking is that you don’t want something that is either too small or too big.

stainless steel water bottle wide mouth

3. Knee pads

Your knee is the body part that will get the most beating from external items while riding a bike. Whether you hit something or fall on the ground, your knee will take the most impact, and even the slightest impact can cause an injury to your knee.

So, you need to get knee pads as an essential item. There are strap-op options available and pull-on knee pads available as well. So, you can select the one that you are more comfortable with.

4. Form-fitting shorts

Whether you are a beginner at mountain biking or a trained person, getting form-fitting shorts is a must. You can wear layers of form-fitting and casual-fitting shorts, but having the form-fitting one is essential when you can skip the casual fitting one. It is because when you are on a trail, you may get several bushes and branches on the side that will stick to your clothes.

The form-fitting shorts stick to the body, so the clothes are not stuck in those pointy things. The padded ones also add a layer of protection for your thighs and hips.

5. Shoe and pedal pair

Mountain biking cannot be done with regular pedals and shoes. It is because you want your bike to be the most responsive when on a track, and if your foot slips from the pedal, you will lose the grip on your bike. The solution is a mountain biking pedal pair with a pair of shoes. These shoes come in different variations, including clipping shoes that clip to the pedals, so you never lose grip.

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses may not be necessary if you get a helmet with this built-in. However, if your helmet lacks built-in sunglasses, you must get one. In mountain biking, these protect you from sunlight and prevent dust, mud, twigs, and even insects from getting inside your eyes.

Flexible plastic sunglasses with a wide design and the least parts are the best for safety and usability.

7. A compact backpack

Your mountain biking clothes won’t have enough pockets to carry everything you need on the track. The solution to that is getting a compact backpack. Now you don’t want to go with a bag that is too big due to the following reasons:

• Too heavy to carry

• Difficulty in management

• Does not stay firmly on the body

So, always go for a compact backpack and look for ones with hooks and attachments on the outside. Having such a bag allows you to easily hang your mountain biking water bottle on it if you get a paracord and carabiner handle accessory for your bottle.

8. First aid kit

Never underestimate the importance of a first-aid kit when mountain biking. From basic medicines to band-aids, solutions for cleaning injuries, and ointments, anything inside your first aid kit can be very useful while you are on a track since you never know when something will scratch your leg or when you will get a cut on your arm from hitting a rock.

9. Padded gloves

Bikers think that going in gloves will be a better choice which isn't one. Gloves for mountain biking come with so many benefits, including:

• Better grip

• Protection for hands

• Long-term riding comfortably

However, you don’t want any other gloves. Specifically, go for the padded gloves made for mountain biking since they have protection around your hand.

10. Elbow pads

Just like your knees and hands, you must get protection for your elbows. If you fall and can't reach the ground with your hands, the elbows will hit the ground first due to their natural positioning while riding a bike. Like knee pads, these are available in pull-on and strap-on designs for the best protection and comfort.

11. Mountain biking jersey

You can wear a shirt underneath, but wearing a mountain biking jersey will be beneficial in all circumstances. It is because these jerseys are made with special fabrics that protect the body against scratches and give the best blend of moisture-wicking with breathability. So, you will always stay comfortable no matter how long you ride.

12. Cycling socks

When getting ready for mountain biking, your legs will be protected by the knee pads, and your feet will be inside the shoes; this distance between the ankle and knees will not be protected. That’s why you need cycling socks. These socks are specially made to cover that area of your legs. Although they don’t provide any protection against hits, they are great against scratch protection.

13. Bike puncture and brake repair kit

Whether you have a bike with tubeless tires or one with a tube, you must get an on-the-go puncture repair kit. Also, spare brake pads and levers are a must since they can break under harsh conditions.

Lastly, the kit must include all the essential tools you will need for the most common repairing and maintenance jobs on the tracks, like tightening a pedal or maintaining your bike's brakes.


Having everything you need on a track gives you the confidence to hit the off-road tracks. Sometimes it may need you to spend a huge investment since mountain biking is not a hobby that comes cheap. However, sometimes it will be only a little investment for you when buying things like mountain biking water bottles since you can also use them on regular days.

The most important thing in such a situation is always to be prepared with everything you need and never compromise your health and safety.