What are the bottle specifications?

Double Walled, Triple Insulated, Vacuum Sealed

18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

BPA-Free Powder Coating

BPA-Free Caps and Straws

Wide mouth bottle sizes: 64oz, 40oz, 32oz, 24oz, 18oz and 14oz.

Standard mouth bottle sizes: 32oz, 24oz, 20oz and 16oz.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

What is my Hydro Cell water bottle made of?
Will my water come into contact with the interior copper lining?
Where is Hydro Cell made?
Is my Hydro Cell FDA Certified and CA 65 Approved?
Why does Hydro Cell use virgin materials?
What comes included in my Hydro Cell water bottle purchase?
Are the plastic straws BPA free?
How do I attach and use the Stainless-Steel cap?
How do I attach and use the Sports cap?
How can I clean my Hydro Cell water bottle?

We recommend hand washing the bottle with warm, soapy water and a bottle brush. Afterwards, let the bottle completely air dry before reassembling with the cap.

How can I clean my stainless-steel cap?
How can I clean my sports cap?
Can I remove the mouthpiece from the sports cap for cleaning?
Are Hydro Cell water bottles dishwasher safe?
How do I address staining or weird smelling odors in my Hydro Cell?
What if I notice what appears to be rust inside of my Hydro Cell?
Should I place my Hydro Cell in the fridge or freezer to stay cold?

No, the insulation of the bottle is made to keep temperatures of water inside the bottle cold. The external temperature will have no effect on the interior.

Are Hydro Cell water bottles microwave safe?
Can I place my Hydro Cell water bottles on the stove?
My bottle is not keeping cold, what should I do?
I’ve lost or damaged my straws, what can I do?
I’ve lost the O-ring or air valve in my cap, what can I do?
What is Hydro Cell’s warranty?

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, cleaning practices, or wear and tear.

What happens if my Hydro Cell has a defect?
What happens if my Hydro Cell was damaged during shipping?
How long will it take for my order to arrive?


How do I track my order?
If I order multiple items, will they all arrive in the same package?
Can my order be shipped internationally?
What is the return policy for Hydro Cell?
How can I submit a return request?