Best Materials to Clean Your Water Bottles

Best Materials to Clean Your Water Bottles

Your reusable water bottles play a vital role in your routine. These go to your office desk, gym, long walks, and grocery with you to let you stay well-hydrated. You might have gotten your favorite bottle to keep your beverages hot or cold. However, one thing that a water bottle can’t do itself is cleaning.

An unclean water bottle is a breeding ground for mold and colony-forming units. You need to keep your water bottle clean and safe properly. This practice is important to ensure that you are drinking safely.

Best materials to clean your water bottles

However, whenever it’s about to keep your reusable water bottles, people want to know the best materials to clean these. So, here are the best materials you can use to clean your water bottles:

1.     Liquid dish wash

It is experts’ recommendation to clean your water bottle after everyday use. For everyday bottle wash, soapy and warm water can be the best trick. Add hot water to your empty water bottle. Now pour a few drops of liquid dish wash in it. Put the bottle cap back on its mouth and give the bottle a good shake. This will make the soapy water bubble inside the bottle.

Now, if you have a wide-mouth water bottle like a WIDE MOUTH SINGLE TONE, then it’s perfectly easier to clean. You can simply put a sponge inside to clean the water. However, with a narrow-mouth bottle, then use a bottle brush to clean the bottle down.

Don’t avoid washing the cap and exterior of your water bottle. Once you have completed scrubbing, rinse it until there are no soapy bubbles on it.

2.     Baking soda

Suppose your bottle has developed some difficult-to-clean mildew. Then this household item is your go-to material for cleaning a reusable water bottle. You just have to put 1 tsp of baking soda into a water bottle and fill the bottle with warm water. Keep the bottle aside for a while.

Now make a paste of baking soda and warm water. Use this solution to scrub the cap of your water bottle inside out. After a while, rinse the bottle and its cap thoroughly with warm water.

If you have dishwasher-safe stainless steel water bottles, then it’s better to run a cycle and let them dry.

3.     Distilled white vinegar

White vinegar is a go-to cleaning agent to treat the bad odors of stainless-steel water bottles. Most importantly, it is a common household item that is a strong cleaning agent. You can easily use it to clean your water bottle and get rid of any bad odors developed in it.

To clean the water bottle with white vinegar, fill the bottle halfway with water and vinegar equally. Put the cap of the bottle on it and give the bottle a few strong shakes. Let the solution sit overnight. Thoroughly rinse out the bottle and lid the next day using warm water to properly remove a leftover vinegar. This is the best way to clean your stainless-steel water bottles.

4.     Denture Tabs

You can easily pick denture tabs from any nearer grocery store. These tabs are a cost-effective alternative to costly tabs available commercially to clean water bottles. Drop one of the tabs in water and let it soak for a while. Denture tabs are more effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your water bottles.

5.     Bleach and cool water

Does your bottle have a funky smell that disturbs you every time drinking something from it? Then bleach is the most efficient cleaning material you can use in this regard. Add one spoon of bleach to your bottle. Fill the bottle with cool water, shake it to mix, and let it stay overnight. Empty the bottle in the morning. Use a bar of dish soap to clean the bottle and rinse it thoroughly to remove all the bleach residues.

6.     Rubbing alcohol

Have your stainless-steel water bottles developed tough stains like stubborn lip balm or lipstick? Rubbing alcohol is the best material to treat your pain point. Put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Wipe the stubborn stain away with it. This is a quick fix to keep your bottle best-looking.

Additional cleaning tips for your water bottles

Reusable water bottles are always environmentally friendly. Above all, bottles like HYDRO STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE are stylish and easier to carry anywhere. These reusable high-standard stainless steel water bottles are great for your health and hydration. Here are some quick cleaning tips you must consider in this regard. These tips will help you in making your stainless-steel water bottles long-lasting.

So, here we go:

  1. Suppose you have an irregular-shaped bottle and don’t have any bottle brush to clean it. Add one tbsp of uncooked rice in water with any of the materials mentioned above. Shake the bottle properly. Rice will remove all the residues from the bottle effectively.
  2. It is highly imperative to clean your reusable bottles every day with dishwashing liquid and warm water. On the other hand, it’s better to deep clean your bottles once every week to keep them from mildew buildup.
  3. Regular deep cleaning is more important if you fill your bottles with beverages containing plant-based milk, dairy, or fruits.
  4. Always remember that not all water bottles are dishwasher-safe. Therefore, it is always important to read the specifications of the manufacturer. A better practice is to keep your stainless-steel water bottles out of the dishwasher and prefer handwashing them for longer usage.
  5. Bottles having push-down or pull-up tops or straws require more attentive cleaning. These bottles usually have hard-to-reach areas more than others. It's better to use a small brush to reach the nooks and crevices of your water bottle for better cleaning results.


Regular cleaning of your water bottles is key to keeping them safe. These are the best source of your hydration. So, paying attention and spending a little time on their proper cleaning is important. To keep your bottle fresher, you can also consider sanitizing it once in a while besides regular cleaning.

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