Camp Water Bottle to Spice Up Your Next Adventure

camp water bottle for adventure

Water bottles are of high importance in our daily life, but their importance increases a lot when you are camping. It is because we use water bottles for multiple requirements when camping and we cannot carry a lot of other vessels and utensils while the water bottle takes care of most of the things. So, choosing the right one is essential and here you will learn everything about camp water bottle selection.

What is the importance of the right water bottle during camping adventures?

When you are planning a camping trip, you cannot simply take any water bottle with you. It is because different bottles are made with different requirements in mind, and they cannot withstand any condition. So, taking the right type of water bottle is essential since it can make your camping adventure more convenient.

Taking the right bottle with you means that it will be reliable, won't leak, and fulfill your hydration requirements, unlike any other bottle. With such requirements, one bottle that is perfect for one type of camping trip will not be a good pick for another camping trip. That’s why knowing how to select the right bottle is essential.

camping water bottle

What to look for when buying your camp water bottle?

When selecting your camp water bottle, you need to look for different aesthetic and practical features in that bottle. Below are the top 5 most important things you must ensure that your bottle brings.


Durability is the most important aspect you must check when buying a camp water bottle. You cannot afford to break your only vessel in which you are carrying water for the whole camping trip. Considering that plastic and glass bottles are out of the race since glass breaks so easily and plastic is also not that durable.

The only choice left for you is to go for a stainless-steel bottle because it comes with the structural strength of steel. With this bottle, you will have peace of mind while camping.

Ease of carrying

The next important quality of a camp water bottle is easy carrying. The bottle must be good enough to carry the required amount of water according to the environment. Yet, it must keep you comfortable. The issue with most water bottles is that they sweat if you put cold water in them.

So, you cannot place them in a bag. The solution to that is vacuum-insulated bottles since these do not let the internal and external temperatures exchange which means you can put these bottles anywhere without any issues like leakage and sweating.

Maintaining temperature

A bottle that can maintain the temperature of whatever is inside will be much more practical than any other bottle. Considering hot weather conditions, you will like the water to stay cold for some time. Similarly, in cold weather, you would like to keep your water hot for a longer time.

The vacuum insulation feature of your camping bottle will come in handy to meet that requirement. Is because this feature helps maintain the temperature of your drink for hours whether you want it hot or cold.

Enough carrying capacity with a right mouth type

This is a requirement that will vary from trip to trip. On some trips you are not out for a long time and water is readily available. For such trips, a standard mouth water bottle with a small capacity will be good enough.

However, sometimes you are out for a long time, and you don’t have many water resources around you. In such conditions every drop of water counts so getting a wide-mouth bottle with higher capacity will be the key.

The right type of inner coating

Lastly, pay attention to the inner coating of your bottle. Many options come with plastic coating. That can react with your drinks, and it is not safe for your health. So, always get bottles that are BPA-free and do not have any plastics in them.

Such bottles are great for any type of beverage whether hot or cold. You can put regular water in them or your hot coffee, the bottle will never interfere with the taste of your drink.

Camp water bottle accessories to make your trip even better.

Getting a camp water bottle may not meet all your needs. Sometimes getting accessories for your bottle makes it 10 times more practical. So, for your next camping trip, make sure that you have all these accessories to get better practicality from your bottle.

Bottle carrying handle

The first accessory that can make your bottle much more practical is the carrying handle. Not all bottles come with a good handle and this little attachment can make it much easier to handle. Take your comfort one step further with the paracord carabiner handle.

It allows you to hang your bottle in your pants or backpack for easier carrying without the bottle ever bothering you. The thick paracord handle makes holding the bottle comfortable even for longer periods.

Sleeve for better protection

Even if you get a stainless-steel bottle, there would always be a risk of accidentally scratching your bottle in harsh outdoor conditions. The sleeve for your bottle will protect it from all types of scratches and most impacts.

If the full-coverage bottle sleeves look ugly, you can try a bottle boot as it provides the right impact protection from drops and scratch resistance to the bottom of your bottle while maintaining its premium feel all around.

Straw for your bottle

If you are carrying a big bottle with a wide mouth, it won't be very convenient to chug your drink right out of the bottle considering its size. So, getting a straw for your bottle will make a huge difference. Getting one that is reusable and goes inside the bottle and allows easier access will be the best option. Hence, you must look for caps that add straw as a built-in feature of your bottle.


Staying hydrated is among the most important things when you are camping outdoors. That’s what you need a camp water bottle for, but this one bottle will serve you lots of other purposes as well. Something so important must not bring any issues alongside it so you must ensure that it is perfect for your requirements in every aspect.

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