Does Drinking Cold Water Help with Fitness?

Does Drinking Cold Water Help with Fitness?

Drinking water is known to bring certain benefits to your fitness goals. However, when it comes to the temperature of the water, there are several myths and uncertainties. If you also have some fitness goals, knowing which water temperature will be right for you will help greatly.

Different ways how drinking cold water may help with fitness

Drinking cold water can help with fitness in several ways. Here are the top 7 reasons you must drink cold water to improve your fitness results.

1. You can lower the core body temperature, which will increase your performance

When you are exercising, the core temperature increases as you lose more fluids through sweating. This increase in temperature can decrease your stamina as well as your performance.

So, when you drink cold water, you restore bodily fluids and cool down the core body temperature, which means a few more extra minutes of peak performance without losing any stamina. With that, you can achieve your fitness goals quickly.

2. Cold water increases energy consumption in the body so that you may end few more calories

The act of drinking cold water itself burns some calories in the body. When we drink cold water, the body has to burn more energy to make it warm.

It means the colder you drink, the more calories you burn inside you just to increase the water temperature to normal body temperature. Thus, cold water is effective during exercise sessions, but drinking it regularly will help you with your fitness goals.

3. Cold water tastes a bit better when exercising, so it can prevent dehydration

The taste of water depends on its temperature. Warm water, or it at room temperature, will not taste as good as it does when it is a little cool. When we are exercising, our body is continuously losing vital fluids that we need to replace. When we take cold water, replacing those lost fluids becomes efficient as cold water can be drunk more than warm water simply because it tastes better.

4. If you have the right containers, cold water will be more convenient

Drinking cold water certainly helps with fitness but carrying it with you is not easy. People often skip carrying cold water because their containers are not designed to maintain the water's temperature. Most containers sweat because of cold water ruining everything around them.

A stainless steel insulated water bottle can help you carry cold water at the perfect temperature. The best part is that its vacuum insulation will maintain the water temperature for a long time.

5. Drinking cold water can increase your metabolism resulting in efficient weight loss

A fast metabolism is known for its fitness benefits; when you drink cold water, your metabolism is boosted. While there are myths that cold water can make you gain weight, it helps you burn more calories in less time by boosting your metabolism.

The best way to benefit from this phenomenon is by drinking water as soon as you wake up and fasting for an hour or two. During this time, the body will work more aggressively to burn extra fats and calories that help keep you fit.

6. Cold water is effective against toxins resulting in a stronger immune system

Cold water is good for making detox drinks because the overall taste feels better. When you use cold water for its detoxification benefits, you can reduce toxin buildup inside the body and improve your immune system. Strengthening your immune system significantly benefits your fitness goals because, with a stronger body, you can put more effort while exercising.

7. Cold water can improve pain tolerance which is helpful in recovery after working out

Dehydration can lead to difficulties in muscle recovery and can also cause cramping. Apart from that, it can cause headaches, fatigue, etc. So, drinking enough water while exercising is important. While drinking warm water during exercise is not that easy, drinking cold water is relatively easy. When you drink adequate water, the muscle recovery process is swift with adequate blood flow, and you can easily deal with different bodily pains.

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How to incorporate cold water with your fitness exercise sessions

Now that you know that drinking cold water will help with fitness, knowing how to incorporate it into your routine is also essential. Here are 3 different ways to consume more cold water to achieve better fitness results.

1. Always keep your supply of water with you

You may not find a steady supply of cold water everywhere you go. So, the right solution is to carry an insulated water bottle with you. Having such a bottle will ensure that your water stays at the perfect temperature that you prefer. Thus, with water always with you, it would be much easier to drink enough water throughout the day.

2. Go for plain water instead of any juices or other drinks

Regarding hydration, many individuals prefer energy drinks, shakes, smoothies, etc. The advantages of those drinks are way less than the disadvantages. So, you must focus on getting plain water and if you want something different, go for homemade detox water. That tastes unique and helps you remove toxins from the body.

3. Keep your body hydrated with cold water throughout the exercise session

Whenever you are going to exercise, you must keep your bottle along. A straw sports cap for an insulated water bottle makes things even better. Whether hiking, biking, at the gym or doing any other exercise, that little accessory will make drinking water easy for you without affecting your exercise rhythm.


Whether you drink cold or warm water, you benefit because you keep the body hydrated. However, if you have certain fitness goals, cold water can bring several benefits, as discussed above. However, you do not need to go for cold water all the time as it may also bring some side effects. Instead, go for a cooler, pleasant temperature to drink for adequate hydration during your workout sessions.

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