Sports and games are very important for both the physical and emotional well-being of a child. So is proper hydration and when your kid is actively participating in sports, you must take good care of their hydration needs. Getting a sports water bottle for them might be the right decision but the major question is how to select one from tons of options available.

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Water Bottle for Soccer

This is our complete guide on how you can choose the best sports water bottle for your kids.

1. Go for the material that is better for kids’ health

Start the bottle selection process with the material. The first option you will think about will be plastic but most plastic water bottles are not good for kids' health. These bottles come with BPA, oxidation, and decomposition chances which makes these an overall health risk for kids.

So, look for something safe from all these problems, and the best material with such requirements is stainless steel. It is free from BPA and does not react with the drinks offering a much safer experience.

2. You must consider the environmental impact of the water bottle

When you buy a bottle for your child, you never know when they will lose it or start asking for a new one. So, considering the environmental impact of that bottle is essential. In terms of plastic water bottles, the decomposing time is already higher, and the contamination of BPA makes these even worse for the environment.

Stainless steel bottles on the other hand are sustainable and recyclable. So, their impact on the environment significantly decreases.

3. See which material makes your kid's water bottles the most feature-rich

Another major consideration for the sports water bottle is being featured rich. When your kid is in the field, they will need some water. Sometimes taking cold water during the activity is not right so the bottle must maintain the water’s temperature.

One of the features of stainless-steel bottles is that vacuum insulation makes those bottles maintain their temperature. Whether your kid likes to have cool shakes or hot drinks, a vacuum-insulated bottle will be a significant upgrade for them over any other bottle.

standard mouth water bottle for kids

4. You want a durable solution, not one that needs replacement too often

Durability is the most important factor for most parents since they don’t want their kid to break the sports water bottle every other day. Although plastic makes a good choice here, the comparison between plastic and stainless steel makes stainless steel a much better option. It is because stainless steel bottles come with:

  • Durable powder coating
  • Better structural strength
  • Long-lasting steel construction

That’s why steel bottles make a better choice both aesthetically and structurally.

5. Save money with the multi-purpose use of the water bottle

A good thing about the right sports water bottle is that your kid can use that as a multi-purpose water bottle. That bottle can be with them from the start to the end of their day including school, the field, and at home.

As a parent that can bring multiple savings your way since your kid won’t be needing a different bottle for each of their activities. However, for the best application of this saving, you may need some accessories with your water bottle.

6. Stay at par with modern-day aesthetic standards

Kids today pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics of their items, and they will do the same with their water bottles for sports. So, you don’t have the option to go with some outdated style. Plastic bottles do not come with many innovative designs. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel bottles come in multiple shades, and there are even two-tone color options that make the bottles even more attractive.

7. Make sure that this bottle does not ruin the flavor of drinks

Some kids are hesitant of using water bottles for sports because of the following reasons:

  • Bottles hold the smell from previous drink
  • They react to the taste of the current drink

Such things can ruin the experience of your kid so always go with something that makes them enjoy every drink. Glass and stainless-steel bottles are great in that case since both these materials are non-reactive with drinks and they don't hold any smells if you keep them clean.

8. Your kids don’t want to carry a different bottle for different drinks

Say that you are taking your kid to the field and on their way back home you will get them their favorite shake. Making them switch between bottles repetitively will not be very attractive for the kids. So, get one bottle that meets all their needs.

Here going with a stainless-steel bottle allows you to use a straw sports cap that makes sipping drinks very comfortable. With such small accessories, you can significantly improve the application of the water bottle for your kids.

9. Cleaning the bottle must be as easy as it gets

As a parent, you must ensure that the bottle is easy to clean so it stays away from any germs and is always perfect for your kid to carry their next drink. Many parents use dishwashers but bottles not being safe for dishwasher cleaning makes it a difficult experience.

That is usually the case with plastic bottles, but the stainless-steel ones allow you to use the dishwasher for a better and more thorough cleaning experience.

10. There are no restrictions when it comes to customizing kids’ bottles

Lastly, paying attention to the aesthetics of these bottles, your kids must not feel any restrictions when they want to customize the bottle. Kids usually use water-resistant stickers that are good to be washed and still stay on the bottle for a long time.

However, selecting the right bottle type with a smooth surface matter allows kids customization. The stainless-steel bottles allow kids to use different types and sizes of stickers for customization without any issues.

Does glass make an option?

Considering all these options, features, and technicalities, one premium material that may hit your mind will be glass. Even though it makes a good contender on paper, in practical life glass is not the safest material for kids.

These bottles can easily break on hitting the ground and shards of glass can injure any kid. That’s why stainless-steel bottles make the right choice. These not only come with all the features but the durability and reliability here are also top-notch. The maximum damage your kids can impose to a stainless steel bottle will be scratching it or creating dents in the bottle. However, that will also require a lot more force than to do the same on regular plastic or glass bottles.


Selecting a sports water bottle seems very simple but multiple technicalities can change your selection process. Moreover, the experience will become much better when you go with the right material and get all the features.

So, if you are also looking to buy the next water bottle for your kid, make sure to checkmark all the technicalities as discussed above to buy a bottle that brings the best value. Going with stainless steel bottles will be the best option for your kids since these bottles bring durability, are healthy, have vacuum insulated interior, and come in trendy colors to keep it attractive for the kids.

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