How To Start a “Bring Your Own Bottle” Habit?

How To Start a “Bring Your Own Bottle” Habit?

We consume fluids throughout the day. We need something to put the drink in, from the morning coffee to the evening drink. Most people have normalized using disposable plastic cups and bottles, which often end up adding to the waste on this planet.

So, if you want to minimize your bad impact on the environment, starting a bring-your-bottle habit will be a great decision. This way, you don't rely on single-use cups and bottles and can still enjoy your favorite drinks throughout the day.

How to start a habit of taking your water bottle everywhere?

Starting this habit of taking your water bottle everywhere with you won't be easy. However, here are a few effective steps that you may follow.

1. Create a hydration routine, so you always need water around you

You can start by making a strict hydration routine. A routine where you will drink a specific amount of water within a specific time without missing. Having this routine to follow, you will always need water along with you, and keeping a bottle with you will seem to be the best solution. It is one of those acts that will be healthy for you and set a great base for the habit of keeping your stainless steel water bottle always with you.

stainless steel water bottle

2. Always keep your bottle clean and ready to go

One of the biggest challenges you may face while creating this habit will be your bottle being dirty. It is because when a bottle is dirty, you cannot put any drink in it, and thus you may opt for a disposable option. Keeping your bottle sterilized and clean is the key to staying consistent with this habit. Simply washing it after a long day will help keep the bottle ready the next morning.

3. Get the right bottle that works with all types of drinks

Everyone has different preferences, and you may like to take a combination of hot and cold beverages throughout the day. If you don't have the right bottle, you may not use it for everything, hot or cold. So, get yourself the bottle that works with all drinks, from coffee to smoothies and regular water. A wide-mouth stainless steel water bottle might be the right pick, considering it does not react with any drink.

4. Look if you need any accessories for your bottle to stay with you

Water bottles today come with lots of accessories that make using them easier than before. So, whenever you are out in the wild or going on a hiking trip, consider getting some of the right accessories. A paracord attachment will be perfect for easy hanging and handling of the bottle, no matter where you are going.

5. Always check if you have the bottle with you when leaving

Starting this habit and sticking to it unless you unintentionally start carrying your bottle along won't be easy. An efficient solution to that is always checking if you have the bottle on you or not. Create a quick list of all the items that you carry along you wherever you go that may include:

  • The bottle
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Car keys, etc.

Now that you know everything you must carry, missing any of these and finding it out will be much easier.

6. Never go for a disposable alternative if you forget to bring your bottle

We all make mistakes, but when it is about bringing your bottle, that mistake must not be resolved by opting for a disposable alternative. Say that you need morning coffee. If you don't have the bottle with you, instead of going for plastic cups, either skip that drink for the time being or get another reusable bottle.

You can also set some creative punishments for yourself for this mistake, like the extra time during exercise sessions, etc.

7. Include more activities in your life that will need you to bring a bottle

One of the best ways to quickly start this habit is by increasing your need for the bottle. So, with activities that require you to stay hydrated, you can easily develop the habit of keeping your bottle with you.

While you are already taking the bottle to work with you, add activities like morning walks, even gym sessions, etc., where having the bottle is a must. This way, the bottle will become a companion for all your daily activities.

Benefits of starting a bring-your-bottle habit

As you bring your bottle with you everywhere, there will be several benefits, including:

1. Your drinks can stay cold or hot for a long

The disposable containers are not good at maintaining the temperature of your drink for a long. However, if you have a vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle your drinks can stay at a maintained temperature for hours without any issues. It enhances your experience with almost every drink.

2. You will be playing an important role in improving this planet

Just think of all the bottles, straws, and cups you will switch with one bottle. It will be a huge difference from your end towards the betterment of the planet.

3. No need to worry about toxic materials going into you

With the stainless steel water bottle, you don't need to worry about toxic materials like BPA or other plastics going inside your body with your beverages. It not only improves the taste of every drink but also gives the peace of mind of taking healthy drinks.

4. You may motivate others to follow this great habit

As you start bringing your bottle everywhere, you may inspire others, and this small habit can lead to a huge eco-friendly revolution. Disposable plastic cups and bottles make up a huge part of the plastic waste that ends up in landfills, and with this little habit, we can make the planet safe for generations.

Final Words

It is time that we start taking environmentally friendly decisions so that this planet stays cleaner for generations. Single-use disposable cups and bottles are among the biggest contributors to the planet's waste and by starting a bring your own bottle habit we can resolve this issue effectively.

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