How water can help you lose weight quickly

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Drinking water is, directly and indirectly, beneficial for quick weight loss. While the excess of everything is bad, maintaining a balanced water intake routine can be extremely beneficial. Do you know how water bottles benefit you for quick weight loss? Here is all you need to know.

Different ways how water can help you lose weight quickly

The following are some direct and indirect ways water will help you lose weight quickly.

1. Water works as a natural suppressant for your appetite

Our body works on signals that are a way of communicating between organs and the brain. When the stomach feels empty, it sends the brain a signal. As a result, the brain generates the hunger sensation. Sometimes we also get the hunger sensation when we are thirsty. In both these situations, we can remove or reduce this sensation by drinking water.

As we drink water, the stomach signals the brain that it is full. So, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Thus, we eat less, which leads to better weight loss. Sometimes taking a sip from the drink bottle does the job.

2. Your body naturally increases burning calories when you drink water

Drinking water can help in burning calories. It is because when we drink water, the body increases its energy expenditure, whether resting or not. Due to this increase in energy expenditure, more calories burn; thus, the weight loss process becomes quick.

Did you know that the temperature of the water has a vital role here? If you drink cold water, the body will need to spend more energy to maintain the core temperature, which also results in burning more calories. In this way, drinking water aids quick weight loss. So, get a water bottle like the Hydro Stainless Steel 20oz water bottle that maintains the water temperature.

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3. You remove toxins and weight from your body by drinking water

Bloating is one of the reasons that can temporarily and permanently increase a person's waist. It is because the body is not removing its waste as it should. Drinking water results in better digestion which removes the bloating issue.

So, drinking water can keep you hydrated and reduce waste retention in your body. Another thing water removes from the body is toxins. Several toxins create an imbalance in hormonal and other systems inside the body. So, drinking more water produces more urine, which removes more toxins from the body. It means that keeping your water bottle with you throughout the day will be very helpful.

4. Replacing water with all your liquid intake can surprisingly reduce your calorie intake

Just think about how much liquid you intake during the day. Most individuals start their day with a coffee or juice. Similarly, the day ends with some fancy drink or a fizzy soda. We are not even mentioning the shakes, smoothies, and juices you take during the day. You need to take all of those and replace them with plain water. For the hot beverages, you can try green tea with no sugar.

Doing so will surprisingly reduce the calorie count you are taking without even considering it. With fewer calories going inside your body, you will automatically lose weight faster. So, buy one of your favorite water bottles and keep it with you for the whole day to replace all your liquid intake with healthy water.

5. Water intake is good for your workout sessions

When going for a workout session, you must keep your water bottle with you. It is because drinking water during a workout is impossible without water bottles. Maintaining a good water intake helps muscles, joints, and connective tissues to work properly. It also makes organs like the lungs and heart efficient and effective. Thus, water bottles can help you stay active and energetic during your workout sessions.

6. Drinking water keeps the core temperature low

We usually exhaust quickly during workout sessions because the body gets hot. When you have thermally insulated water bottles like stainless steel water bottles, you can keep water cold for longer. Your core temperature will be low when you drink that water from your thermally insulated stainless steel water bottles. Thus, the body will get more time to exercise. In this way, water bottles will help in reducing your weight.

7. Our body needs water to burn fat

Drinking water is beneficial for better metabolism. Metabolism helps in burning fat more effectively. When we drink water, water molecules interact with fats and create fatty acids. Then those fatty acids are removed from the body. That's why it is very important to drink enough water to burn more fat from your body.

8. Making a habit of drinking water before every meal is helpful for weight loss

The quicker you feel full, the lesser you will want to eat. A general rule is that something like stainless steel water bottles can be very beneficial. Whenever you are eating something, take one or two glasses of water before it. In this way, your food will make you feel full quicker. So, you will eat less and lose weight quickly.

9. You can use water to make a detox water diet with exceptional weight loss benefits

The last way water aids your weight loss is by making a detox diet. You can use different things like:

  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Strawberries
  • Mint leaves

To make your detox drinks. Keeping those in your stainless steel water bottles will help you carry that along with you anywhere. Additionally, stainless steel water bottles with a wide mouth can help you keep all the bits of fruits or vegetables in the detox drink. So, get a bottle with a wide mouth like the 24oz Wide Mouth water bottle. It will help you keep all detox ingredients inside the bottle because of the wide mouth. Drink that detox water throughout the day, and you will see how beneficial it is for weight loss.


Drinking excessive water is not good for your health if you follow this routine for the long term. However, it can be extremely beneficial if you healthily drink water. So, consult your nutritionist and doctor to know how much water will be healthy for your body. This way, your workout and diet will become even more effective with water bottles, as water will also help in weight loss.

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