Meet Your Water Intake Goals with These Tips

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Intaking enough water is beneficial to keep everything from the digestive system to the heart working properly. Drinking enough water a day also helps in effective weight management. Various research has associated inadequate hydration with higher BMI and obesity.

Although the water you should drink every day is different for everyone based on multiple factors. However, reaching your water intake goals daily can be challenging.

Effective tips for meeting your water intake goals effectively

Do you need some help in meeting your water intake goals effectively? Then, here we have some of the sneaky tips that you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

Know your waters intake needs

Before planning to drink plenty of water every day, it’s important to understand your body's water needs. Although a common recommendation of water intake per day is 8 glasses. However, this recommendation isn't based on science.

According to the NAM, men should intake 125 ounces and women 90 ounces of fluid every day. This requirement also includes fluid from other food sources and plain water.

It is always better to understand your water intake needs at a personalized level. This will depend upon multiple factors in your life. For example, your activity level, health stature, body weight, environment, etc.

Understand all these things and know your body's effective water intake needs.

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Set your water intake goals and stick to these

Making measurable goals to intake water throughout the day is better. This practice will let you check on if you intake an adequate amount of water every day.

Create a to-do list based on how well you intake enough water throughout the day. Then stick to that plan.

For example,

  • Drink a glass of water after waking up and one before bed.
  • Take a glass of water per hour when you are at work.
  • Drink a glass of water half an hour before every meal.

Create your water intake plan and stick to it to meet your everyday water intake goals.

Invest in an insulated, reusable water bottle

One of the most effective tips is to invest in an insulated, reusable water bottle. Buying a reusable water bottle won’t only help you to track your daily water intake more effectively. It will also have multiple environmental benefits.

Using a designated reusable water bottle will help you to know how many ounces you consume at once. Consequently, you can set your water intake goals accordingly. To ensure drinking the water you need, set a goal for the ounces to drink by lunch or the whole day.

HYDRO STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE can be the best reusable water bottle to invest in. Whether going to the office or hiking, keeping this stainless-steel bottle with you ensures hydration throughout the day. Moreover, the air-tight vacuum seal, with a screw cap and straw, makes it easier to sip water throughout the day.

Consume water-rich foods

About 20% of your water needs need to be fulfilled through food. All the raw veggies and fruits are a great source of water. So, you can consider snacking on these throughout the day to meet your fluid intake needs of the day.

Most amazingly, these food items don’t only offer you enough water. In fact, you can also get tons of nutrients and amazing flavors.

Set reminders to drink water

Another effective way to reach your daily water intake goal is by setting up a reminder on your phone. For example, you can set the alarm to take a few water sips every 15 minutes. Also, you can set a reminder to refill your water bottle every hour.

These reminders will certainly help you to reach your water drinking goals. This tip is more important to consider for people who usually have a tough schedule throughout the day. A busy schedule can easily make you forget to drink water multiple times daily.

So, getting help from your phone reminders here is a smart move.

Replace your daily drinks with water

Here is another amazing solution to drink more water and avoid consuming unhealthy drinks. Replacing your drinks with water will help meet your daily fluid intake goals. It will also help decrease your calorie intake and improve your overall health.

Drinks more often contain a higher quantity of added sugar which are bad for your health. Therefore, you should avoid consuming these sugary drinks for optimal health.

Moreover, replace these sugary drinks with water to enjoy more health benefits in the best possible way.

Always drink one glass of water before a meal

Another effective yet simple way to improve your water intake is by drinking one glass of water before every meal. Drinking water before 3 major meals of the day simply means adding 3 glasses of water to your daily routine.

Most importantly, drinking water before a meal also helps in weight management. It will make you consume fewer calories.

Add flavors to your plain water

If it gets difficult for you, drink plenty of plain water daily. Then you can simply add some flavors to your water. You can find various options in the market. Always choose natural flavors to enjoy amazing flavors and avoid any negative health effects.

Most importantly, considering fruit-infusers can be an amazing alternative to consider in this regard.

The popular fruit infusers combinations include lime, cucumber, or lemon strawberry.

Besides that, you can also get water enhancers in liquid or powder form and add these to your water to enjoy flavors.

Keep sipping water throughout the day

Sipping water throughout the day is an effective way to meet your water intake goals. This practice will also keep your mouth from drying throughout the day. Moreover, sipping water throughout the day will also make your breath fresher.

For this, you must keep a reusable water bottle within quick reach.

Final Thoughts

All these tips throughout the day will increase your daily water intake. You can also get some added help from an application. Various wellness applications available can help you track your water consumption. Most importantly, these apps are simple, easy, and fun.  

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