The Season for Mountain Biking: Spring & Summer

The Season for Mountain Biking: Spring & Summer


Both spring and summer can be the best seasons for mountain biking. Depending upon the local weather, soil, and mountain biking terrains, spring and summer may be better for hitting the trail than other seasons. Whether you want to go mountain biking in spring or summer, we have the best guide.

In this guide, you can learn about the benefits mountain biking in each season can offer you. Besides that, we will also provide you with some effective tips to be well-prepared for your mountain biking trip.

Regardless of which season for mountain biking you prefer, here you can learn everything about it.

So, here we go:

Reasons to go mountain biking in summer

Long summer days, a lot less mud, and warm evenings are usually some of the most important factors for people to go mountain biking in summer. Mountain biking can be a great activity to enjoy, even during the summer season. Here we have enlisted some of the key reasons why you should hit the mountain biking trails this summer:

You will experience less rain and mud on the terrain

People usually enjoy going for a muddy mountain bike ride. However, the work after this ride can easily put you off. Spending hours cleaning your bike and yourself can ruin the enjoyment you had from mountain biking trips.

On the other hand, summer months can add more to the joy of riding. You can experience a lot less rain and mud on the terrain. It ultimately means you need to spend less time cleaning and more time saddling.

Riding in summer can also help with endurance and conditioning

For some people, it becomes difficult to see the benefits of riding in sweat. However, regular mountain bike riding during summer can condition your body to ride even in the heat. Due to this, you don’t have to work hard to enjoy the playful experience of mountain riding, even during fall. Practicing mountain biking in summer can increase your riding speed. In addition, mountain biking in summer allows you to perfect your techniques.

As a result, you will find it easier to climb hills during any season. Regular practice will also make you feel fitter overall.

Longer summer days mean more time to practice.

The summer season comprises long days and short nights typically. So, mountain biking on long summer days can give you better opportunities to come out and practice more. You can start riding earlier in the morning to evade the day's heat. This practice can also allow you to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the terrain.

The warm weather, bustling wildlife, and amazing colors in the surrounding make summer a great time to practice mountain biking. You can enjoy some breathtaking views throughout the ride. It can even give you a great opportunity to escape the stressful and highly occupied daily routine.

You can even have an amazing picnic experience with your friends and family in nature to make lasting memories.

How to stay cool when mountain biking in summer?

Even though mountain biking in summer can bring some amazing opportunities to practice and perfect your style, it also needs special preparation to stay cool on the terrain. Here are some tips to overcome the key challenges of riding in summer.

So, here we go:

  • When you are going mountain biking in summer, choose lightweight clothing. Prefer choosing breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to stay cool throughout the journey. The selection of adequate apparel can assist the body's natural cooling process.
  • Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the effects of longer sun exposure.
  • Preparing for MTB during summer is all about planning. Consider how far you want to go, from where you will start the journey and more. Answer these questions and then plan out your journey accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to take water stops. Staying properly hydrated on a hot day can be challenging. However, carrying a HYDRO STAINLESS STEEL outdoor water bottle can help you better to fulfill your water intake needs. The double-insulated wall of this outdoor water bottle can easily maintain water temperature even during hot weather outside.
  • One of the best ways to avoid the heat of summer on terrain is to avoid it. You can do so by starting your journey early in the morning.

outdoor water bottle

Why should you go for mountain biking in spring?

Another best season to enjoy the amazingness of mountain biking is spring. Even though the mornings and evenings are still colder, the temperature throughout the day is pretty pleasant in spring. Consider it the best time to pick up your mountain bike and enjoy a refreshing ride.

Here is what makes spring an amazing time to enjoy mountain biking:

You can have pleasant weather across the terrain

We all know that temperature rises and falls throughout the day during the spring season. Sunshine, wind, and rain also take turns regularly. Spring can bring an opportunity to enjoy pleasant weather across the terrain and let the first warm rays of the sun hit your face. In spring, this feeling is wonderful and the best reason to keep moving on your bike.

Refill your body’s vitamin D storage safely.

Going outside and cycling in the pleasant sunshine can be a great way to restock vitamin D. After the long, cold winters, spring can give you a great opportunity to let your body generate its vitamin D naturally. The best way to enjoy this benefit is by hitting the bike on the terrain and spending some hours mountain biking.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom.

Nothing could be better than enjoying a mountain bike ride while enjoying the fresh air in the spring season. Let the wind blow your hair and make you feel free soul as you ride the bike through lively cities, lush green forests, and meadows. 

Take advantage of more training variations.

The days in spring are finally growing longer. Grab this opportunity to take advantage of varying weather conditions and temperatures. Spring season gives you a greater advantage in deciding whether to train yourself in the colder mornings or hot afternoons per your preferences.

Tips to prepare for mountain biking in spring

Here are some quick tips that you can consider to make your mountain biking experience more amazing in spring.

So, here we go:

  • If you have been using your MTB throughout the fall season, it's time to get it tuned. Check tires, refresh sealant, ensure the good condition of brake pads, add pressure, and look over suspension to have a pleasant and safe riding experience in spring.
  • Sort through the ends you have gathered in your backpack over the previous season. Instead, add the necessary items you may need during mountain biking trips in summer. These items may include a chain Powerlink, multi-tool, emergency repair kit, etc.
  • Invest in a high-quality outdoor water bottle like Hydro Cell WIDE MOUTH TWO TONE bottle to keep yourself hydrated in varying temperatures throughout the day. Fortunately, the bottles are in different sizes to accommodate your water consumption needs. So, choose which suits the best to your needs.
  • Practice planning a mountain biking trip with people who are more expert and more experienced than you. This practice will help you learn more from their experiences.

Final Verdict

Both spring and summer seasons come up with unique mountain biking benefits. Whatever season you prefer, practice the tips above to make the most out of your mountain biking.

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