Tips & Instructions on How to Take Care of your Thermal Insulated Bottle

stainless steel thermos water bottle

A thermal insulated bottle can bring many benefits to your lifestyle by keeping you hydrated. Whether you use it for cold or hot drinks, your drink will always be there as you want. However, to make this experience last longer, you must know how to take care of your bottle.

Top 8 Tips & Instructions on How to Take Care of your Thermal Insulated Bottle

Here are our top 8 tips that will help you keep your thermal insulated bottle as good as new for a long time.

1. Wash regularly to prevent bacteria and germs

The first and most obvious thing to do with these bottles is to wash them regularly. The best way to wash your bottle is by combining dishwashing soap and warm water. Depending on your drink, simple shaking might do the job. Otherwise, you can use brushes, sponges, or cloth to clean the bottle from the inside.

Make sure that there are no particles left inside the bottle because that will affect the taste of the next drink you put inside your bottle. Maintaining a daily washing routine is good, and washing the bottle after a day of usage will be the best.

2. Keep your bottle safe from external impacts

When caring for your thermally insulated bottle, you must care for it from the inside and outside. Sometimes your bottle is perfect from the inside but loses its attractiveness and charm from the outside because of rough usage. So, you must carefully use your bottle.

Preventing external impacts is essential to make the bottle last longer with the same good and attractive looks. One way to achieve that is by getting the silicone boot for your bottle. It helps protect the base of these bottles from any impacts or scratches.

3. Be careful about the symbols on your bottle

Everything comes with some symbols that tell you how to use it. These symbols usually tell you about:

  • The chemicals you can use
  • Normal usage temperature
  • Washing compatibility

Not following these signs may damage or permanently ruin the bottle. For instance, some bottles may not be safe to use with a dishwasher. For those bottles, you must use hand cleaning.

Following all these instructions will help you maintain the best health for your bottle. Such a carefully used bottle maintains perfect drinks for a long time.

double wall thermos water bottle

4. Make use of cleaning agents for a deep clean

Regular cleaning is good, but it is never good enough. To make sure that your bottle always offers the best experience, a deep clean once in a while is essential. When it comes to deep cleaning, there are several agents that you can use, including the following:

  • Bottle cleaning tablets
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar, etc.

A deep clean will be different from your regular cleaning as here you will leave the bottle with cleaners inside so that every unwanted substance and smell is


Doing it once every week is good practice for deep cleaning your bottle. This way, you will force out all the germs and bacteria from the bottle.

5. Ensure your bottle is dry when not in use

A key practice to maintain your thermally insulated water bottle is keeping it dry when not in use. While you are not using the bottle, it will be welcoming to most germs and bacteria. Many people make the mistake of leaving the bottle closed when not in use.

You need to let the bottle dry after washing it and then close the lid once it is dry. If you are storing the bottle for a while, placing a sachet of silica gel will be even better to keep the bottle fresh internally.

6. The lid of the bottle always needs a little extra attention

When it is about cleaning the bottle, you may ignore the cap most of the time. The bottle cap needs the most cleaning because it has tight grooves, and sometimes there are small parts that need cleaning. So, get a brush or a cleaning cloth that gets in all those tighter areas.

With the assistance of dish soap, clean all the tiny parts of the cap. Pay special attention if you have something like a sports cap. These are made with plastic and can retain smell if not cleaned well.

7. Use teabags to get rid of any unpleasant odors

Stainless steel bottles usually don't retain odors inside. However, depending on your drinks and sensitivity to smells, you may find the bottle to have developed a smell that stays there all the time. The worst part is that this smell will affect the drinks you put in that bottle in the future. Even for plain water, that will be an unpleasant experience.

The solution to that is using a tea bag with boiling water. Close the lid and let the tea bag sit for a few minutes. Next, pour out the water carefully, as it will still be boiling, and wash your bottle with dish soap like you normally would. Not all the smells would have gone.

8. See if your accessories need to be cleaned

The stainless steel thermally insulated bottles can be used with several accessories. In most cases, you will need to deep clean the accessory while the bottle is still good. So, look for the accessories and their cleaning requirements.


Bonus Tip:

Even if you don't use an accessory like a sports cap so often, clean it after every use because such accessories can make a huge difference in your experience. With clean accessories, you will always enjoy the purest drinking experience with every cold or hot drink in your bottle.


Taking care of your thermal insulated bottle takes effort, but it is not that much. So, with a little attention towards your bottle, you can enjoy a quality experience for a long time. If you are also planning to switch to a stainless steel thermally insulated bottle, then make sure to use the tips above to gain the best experience from your bottle.

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