Tips to make your stainless steel water bottle last longer

Tips to make your stainless steel water bottle last longer

Everyone buys a plastic bottle, whether reusable or disposable, and around 80% of them go to landfills. So, if you buy stainless steel water bottles, you are already contributing to the betterment of this planet. However, if stainless steel water bottles last only for a few years, you must follow these tips. It is because the average life of such a water bottle is around 10 years.

How to make stainless steel water bottle last longer – Tips and Tricks

The top 8 tips and tricks to make stainless steel water bottles last longer.

1. Keep your bottle clean with warm water and soap

One of the best tips for keeping your water bottle last longer is keeping it clean. To keep your bottle clean, you only need a little warm water and dish soap. Put water in your bottle and a few drops of the dish soap.

Close the cap of your bottle and then shake it for some time. Now let the bottle sit for a minute or two and rinse twice. Doing so will clean the bottle. Follow this routine daily before using your water bottle; it will work wonders.

2. Always check for the usage symbols

If you do not want to cause any issues with your insulated water bottle, then you must keep track of the used symbols on the bottle. Plastic and stainless steel water bottles usually come with usage symbols on the bottom surface. These symbols usually include:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

So, always use your water bottles according to these symbols, and you will never come across any issues with your water bottles.

3. Vinegar is one the best friends of stainless steel water bottle

If you are looking for a deep clean for stainless steel water bottles, vinegar is one of your best options. It is easy to put inside every bottle, and vinegar has excellent cleansing properties for keeping your bottle clean. What you need to do is to fill around 1/5 of your bottle with white vinegar and fill it up with regular water.

Add some dish soap, close the lid and shake a bit. Now leave the bottle with this solution overnight. You can shake the bottle a little in the morning and then rinse it twice. Now your bottle will be spick and span. The best part is that vinegar works for every tight part of your water bottle, like the sports cap for the standard mouth with a straw.

4. A clean cloth soaking with vinegar is good to clean the cap of your bottle

Surprisingly, the caps of water bottles are the filthiest. Most of the time, you do not even know the amount of mildew and bacteria growing inside the cap, especially under the seal. Cleaning that with the shaking method is not enough.

So, a solution for you is to take the seal off the bottle's cap and take a clean cloth soaking with white vinegar. Clean every bit of the cap and seal with this cloth until you are satisfied with the results. You can also use a smaller brush for effective cleaning. Doing so will remove the musty smell and all the bacteria and mildew.


stainless steel water bottle


5. Always keep your stainless steel bottle from dropping down

Dropping the stainless steel water bottles and causing scratches or dents is one of the biggest issues. Most plastic bottles are immune to drops, but stainless steel can easily get a dent if you drop them. So, a general tip is to protect your bottle from drops as much as possible.

You can get additional protection like a protective sleeve or a bottle boot. Such products always keep your water bottles from dents.

6. If you are not using the bottle, then keeping it dry is a must

Most individuals only use their water bottles when they are out for work or workouts. So, when you return home, you must empty the bottle and let it dry. Even if you store your bottle for a few days keeping it dry will be the key. Remember that if you have anything other than water, rinse the bottle before drying it out.

7. Baking soda can be good for cleaning your bottle

If you find the smell of vinegar to be irritating after you deep clean your bottle with it, then you need to try baking soda. It comes with similar benefits like anti-microbial properties. The best part is that it cleans everything without causing any odors. So, create a paste with baking soda and water and brush your bottle with it for the best deep clean.

8. If you use your stainless steel bottle for shakes and juices, double-check before refilling it with water

The last tip to make your water bottles last longer and feel new is to check them. Most of the time, we put some shake or juice in the bottle. Anything left from that drink can leave its taste in water the next time you refill the bottle. So, carefully clean your bottle for the next refill because the water you are drinking for its health and weight loss benefits could have bacteria.

What are the most common issues you may face with stainless steel water bottle?

The following are some of the most common issues that you may face with stainless steel water bottles, along with their solution:

Bad smell: regularly clean the bottle and make sure it is dry. Also, follow a deep cleaning weekly routine.

Bad taste: any leftovers of the previous drink can lead to a bad taste in the water you fill afterward. Keeping things clean is also the solution here.

Metallic taste: a slight metallic taste is common for people who switch from glass or metal bottles. Excessive metallic taste means that you are putting incompatible drinks in your bottle, causing corrosion.


Buying stainless steel water bottles is one of the best decisions. However, once you have one of those bottles, you must make it last longer. By following our tips above, you can easily make your bottle last around a decade. So, use your water bottle carefully and keep it clean for the best experience.

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