Tips to Protect Your Metal Bottle from Rust and Make It Last Longer

rust-free metal water bottle

Today pollution has become one of our biggest issues, so using plastic disposable and reusable water bottles is not good for the planet. What we can do instead is use a metal water bottle. These bottles can practically last forever, but there is one issue with these bottles. If you misuse the metal sports bottle, it can get rust which will make your bottle useless after a while.

The good part here is that with a little care, you can protect your metal water bottle from rust and make it last longer. Here we will be discussing different ways of protecting your bottles against rust.

Top 8 tips to protect your metal bottle from rust and make it last longer

If you are using or planning to use a metallic reusable water bottle, keep these tips in mind. These will be extremely helpful in making your bottle last longer.

1. When your bottle is not in use, dry it instantly

Understanding how a metal bottle gets rust is important when you want to protect it. When water is left on the surface of the metal and it dries off, it can produce an oxidation layer, creating rust. So, when you are not using your sports bottle, you can dry it off with a cloth to ensure that there is no standing water. This way, the chances of creating an oxidation layer will reduce, and so will the chance of rusting.

2. Try to use non-abrasive tools for cleaning

A sports bottle can be used for much more than just water. You can keep your protein, mass gainer shakes, and detox water and smoothies. You may need to clean your bottle when you are done with that drink.

Whenever there is a need to remove something stuck, always use non-abrasive things. Using foam, cloth, or plastic scrubbers instead of metallic ones will reduce the chances of scratching the surface. Thus, the chances of rusting will decrease as well.

3. Never use hard water, even for washing your bottle

To make your sports bottle last longer, keep it away from hard water. Hard water leaves a layer of minerals and salts. It is not even a good choice for washing your bottle. So, ensure that you are not using hard water with your bottle.

4. Protect your bottle from the bottom as it bears the most

It is the bottom part that gets in contact when you place your bottle anywhere. Due to that, the bottom part can get scratches which can be a reason for rusting. So, you need to look out where you are putting your bottle. The wide-mouth bottle boot can be an amazing choice to protect your bottle from dents and scratches at the bottom.

metal water bottle with silicon boot

5. Maintain a daily cleaning routine for your water bottle

The best thing you can do with your bottle is to keep it clean. Just maintain a daily cleaning routine where you wash your bottle, dry it off and make it ready every night for the next day. In this way, your bottle will stay fresh for a long time. You can use the following things for this purpose:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Dishwash soap
  • Dishwasher is optional
  • Scrubbing is optional

6. If you need some additional help, vinegar and baking soda will always be on your kitchen shelf

Whether it is the smell or the taste of a previous drink that is not going away, or you want to go for a deep clean, vinegar and baking soda will be an amazing choice. These agents help amazingly clean your metal bottles while not affecting the metal. These are efficient against odors and tastes you want to eliminate. To ensure you never have to smell inside the bottle, use the wide-mouth sports cap with a straw. It makes drinking convenient and fun.

7. When packing your bottle, toss some silica gel packets inside

If you are packing to move or packing your bottle to keep it away for some time, it will be your best choice to toss some silica gel packets. These usually come with new shoes and medicine and do an amazing job at removing excessive moisture. So, packing your bottle with silica gel inside it will ensure the least chance of getting it rusted. Remember that more silica gel packets are always better.

8. Make sure that you are not abusing your bottle

Although these bottles are extremely durable, you must not abuse them. Intentionally throwing away and scratching can increase the chances of rusting. It is a better idea to use your bottle carefully. Additionally, all bottles are not made for all drinks. So, you must only use your bottle with the recommended drinks. Remember that putting hot beverages in your bottle is not an issue. Learn more details about using metal bottles for hot beverages.

Is it safe to keep a water bottle with rust?

If your bottle has rust inside, drinking from it will not be very pleasant. It will look bad and have a bad smell as well. However, it will not have any safety issues. Remember that rust is dangerous if it cuts through your skin. So, if the stainless steel water bottle has rust in parts where it may cut your skin like:

  • On the mouth for drinking where it can cut your lips
  • Near top crease where it may scratch your hands while opening

In such a place, it will be dangerous because of changes of scratching or cutting your skin. So, depending on where the rust is on your reusable water bottle, you can check how dangerous it is.


Whether you are looking for a sports bottle to help your gym sessions or some bottle you can use throughout the day, metal bottles make a great choice. A bottle made with metal is a reusable water bottle, but metal is prone to rust, and you need to protect your bottle from rust. With these tips, it will become easier for you to make your metallic reusable water bottle last longer.

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