Top 7 Christmas Gifting Ideas For Family And Friends

Top 7 Christmas Gifting Ideas For Family And Friends

Every Christmas, you must come up with new gift ideas for your friends and family. People usually go for the latest gadgets or expensive jewelry items, and such gifts get boring. This time you must go for something like a stainless steel water bottle because it promotes hydration in an eco-friendly manner. So, it makes a much better option than most other non-practical gifts.

Top 7 Christmas gifting ideas for family and friends

Here are the top 7 Christmas gifting ideas for your friends and family to try this year.

1. Wide Mouth Two Tone 40oz Water Bottle

Health is the best thing you can gift to someone, and gifting someone this bottle encourages hydration that can, in turn, enhance their health. This wide-mouth stainless steel water bottle brings value in terms of practicality and aesthetics. The gradient color of this bottle makes it trendy. In terms of the practical features, it starts with the vacuum seal with thermo lock technology and double-walled design.

It ensures that there is no temperature exchange between the internal contents of the bottle and the environment. So, the temperature remains the same, and there is no condensation around the bottle surface. The stainless steel material not only brings durability but is also food-grade safe with no BPA or other plastic by-products.

On top of everything, it comes with a powder coating that creates a premium feel with a non-slip surface.

stainless steel water bottle 40oz

Who is it best suited for?

It is best suited for individuals who are proactive in their life and always need a reliable supply of water, like athletes and gym freaks.

2. Stainless Steel Hydro 24oz Water Bottle With Straw

This one might be the perfect option to avoid going for the wide-mouth water bottle. It is a standard mouth stainless steel water bottle with a more manageable size, especially regarding handling and usage. It comes equipped with a straw that makes sipping drinks from the bottle on the go effortless.

The straw cap of this bottle comes with a loop on top that can be beneficial for hooking the bottle with your bag or at the waist. It is coated with a premium powder coating that brings a slip-resistant grip and added durability to protect stainless steel from scratches.

Who is it best suited for?

It is best suited for those who want an easily manageable bottle with convenient features. Especially a great choice for working individuals and students.

3. Screw Cap Standard Mouth

The standard mouth bottle does come with a straw for easier usage, but there may be better choices for everyone. Sometimes you must pour the drink out of your bottle into a glass or some other container.

 This screw cap is specially made for such use cases. It comes with a durable and non-toxic plastic material that not only maintains the temperature of the contents inside the bottle but also offers. On top of all, it brings a much more reliable air-tight seal so that the internal contents never leak out, regardless of how you place the bottle.

Who is it best suited for?

Some people don't like the feel of a straw or cannot use it, including old-age individuals or people who want a bottle for their babies. This screw cap makes using the standard mouth bottle much easier for them.

4. Straw Cap Standard Mouth

Getting an additional straw cap for the standard mouth bottle can bring many benefits. This sports cap is easier to use, especially for kids, because they can sip the bottle's contents right out. There is no need to tilt the bottle or remove the cap.

The straw cap is well designed to allow all types of liquids to flow so kids can enjoy their smoothies and shakes with this valuable accessory. It does come with a silicone ring around the face of the cap so that the cap gets tightly screwed on to create a waterproof seal.

Who is it best suited for?

Parents who don't want to leave their kids with straw caps to reduce the chance of spilling drinks can get this. Use the screw cap normally, and when the kids want to use the bottle, switch it to a sports cap.

5. Wide Mouth Straw Cap

The wide-mouth straw cap for the sports stainless steel water bottle brings a combination of a few features:

  • Ease of usage on the go
  • Ample liquid storage capacity
  • Wide mouth allowing to make any protein shakes or other drinks right in the bottle

All these features in one bottle make it the perfect bottle with all their requirements fulfilled. Anyone who gets this gift will love the added convenience of a bottle and a sipper together for their workout sessions.

Who is it best suited for?

The wide-mouth straw cap is best for those active individuals who are always looking for their drinks on the go. It is a great accessory for your outdoor bicycling friends and family members, as they won't have to stop to get a sip.

6. Coffee Cap Wide Mouth

Do you know any coffee lovers? You have surely heard them telling you how their coffee got cold the other day or how they were unable to sit it comfortably from a specific cup. Get a wide-mouth bottle with this coffee cap and solve all their issues.

Who is it best suited for?

It is best suited for all types of coffee lovers.

7. Wide Mouth Paracord

The wide-mouth paracord comes with a paracord handle along with a carabiner hook. It allows anyone to easily handle the bottle and the hook, making hanging the bottle with a backpack or your pants effortless.

Who is it best suited for?

Great gift for kids and individuals who are always on the go


Be a little thoughtful when giving people gifts; you will see how most gifts only end up on shelves to collect dirt and dust. So, this time you must try something that brings value to their daily life. Going for stainless steel water bottle and some useful accessories will amazingly add value to their lives whether your friends and family are working people, gym freaks, athletes, or stay-at-home individuals.

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