Top 9 Essential Gears for Hiking

best water bottle for hiking

Going for a hike is always fascinating as you will spend time closer to nature and learn about yourself. However, going without any preparation can cause all the fun and delight to go away. The solution is to prepare everything you will need for the hike, like hiking equipment, stainless steel water bottle, and everything else.

Do not worry if you have not made your checklist yet because here, we will guide you through everything you need for your next hiking adventure.

Top 9 Must-Have Items for Hiking

Proper preparation can make your hiking trip even more adventurous. So, while you are going out to explore nature a little more closely, make sure to have the following things.

1. The right type of shoes for the trail

No matter how long, short, easy, or tough a hike is, you will never have a good experience if your feet are not comfortable. It is important to note that different shoes are perfect for different hikes, as some are good for snowy trials while others are good for warm days. Whatever type of hike you are going on, there are a few things to check about your shoe which include:

  • Protection
  • Traction
  • Support
  • Fitting

Selecting all these things to perfectly match your requirements will offer you the best hiking experience. Another good decision will be carrying an extra pair of shoes if your main shoes get wet or damaged.

2. Navigation app or GPS

The next thing that you need as a must-have is navigation help. Depending on the hiking trail, you may find a physical map of the place. However, if you do not find one, there is no need to worry, as you can get one on your smartphone.

GPS and Internet connectivity may not be the best when you are out near nature, so it is a better idea to download the map for offline usage. Another step for more peace of mind will be carrying a compass that can guide you if you are lost.

3. A stainless steel water bottle

A stainless steel water bottle is a must-have for hiking because you will get a lot of dehydration and need to tackle that strategically. With a bottle with ample capacity, you will be able to carry a good amount of water along you. The reasons for only carrying stainless steel insulated water bottle include:

  • The disposable ones are not good for the environment
  • There is always a risk of breaking your bottle if you get glass or plastic one
  • Plastic reusable water bottles often get a foul smell in them that renders them unusable

So, trying out the Hydro Straw 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle will be an amazing choice for you. It looks good and brings practicality in its design and features.

24oz stainless steel water bottle for hiking

4. Food and snacks to restore your power

Just like you dehydrate, you will lose power more quickly than on normal days when you are hiking. So, it is necessary to fuel your hike with calorie-dense food items. Instead of packing things blindly, check the nutrition facts to see which snacks give you the most power with the least portion size. In this way, you will never fill your belly during the hike, and you will still stay full of power.

5. Safety items

You never know which challenge will be next when you are on a hike, so you must carry some protective gear. The safety gear must protect you, and it must be efficient enough to signal others so that they can help you. Some common items to include are:

  • A whistle to keep animals away and alert others
  • A rechargeable flashlight to see clearly
  • Firestarter
  • Taser to use if an animal attacks you
  • A multi-tool with different blades and other tools

6. Weather protection clothing

Speaking of protection, it is necessary to get weather-protective clothing because the weather can change suddenly, and you will not even know what to do. In the worst case, weather forecasts do not predict such a weather change. So, here are a few things that will be worth carrying:

  • Raincoat
  • Dry-fast layers of clothing
  • Gloves
  • Jacket to keep you warm
  • Moisture wicking clothes

7. Sun Protection kit

A sun protection kit is necessary when you are out in the wild. Sun rays have UV rays in them which can harm your skin, and sun rays also bring heat and light that will stress your body as well as your eyes. Starting with polarized sunglasses, you will be protecting your eyes from any extra light getting into them.

Next up will be a hat that will protect your head from direct exposure to sun rays. Lastly, you need to apply sunblock to your exposed skin, so there are no sunburns while you hike.

8. First Aid kit

Wish you never had to use a first aid kit when hiking, but it is still necessary to carry. There could be a scar that you may want to disinfect and cover or some illness that needs immediate treatment. So, research different medicines to include in your first aid kit and learn how to treat an injury or a wound. Thus, you will always be ready to face any challenge when hiking.

9. Hiking Stick

A hiking stick is the last thing you cannot miss out on. Most people ignore a hiking stick, but it helps because it distributes your body weight from 2 legs only to 1 arm, especially when you are moving up. So, moving up becomes more efficient, you do not get tired too early, and the best part is that a hiking stick offers a better grip on different land surface types.

Final Remarks:

With this checklist, gathering everything you may need on your hiking trip will be easier. Surely there will be a few things you may not need depending on the circumstances. However, things like shoes and stainless steel water bottle will be an essential pick regardless of the hike and weather conditions. The best way to pack for your next hiking adventure is to research the place and get the things you may need during the trip.

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