Top Healthy Hydration Tips and Tricks: Everyone Needs to Know

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A world-known and important fact that your body is made from a total of 70% water is enough to reflect the importance of water in our lives and our body. Many people think they drink enough water the whole day, but it is not true.

Our body wholly depends on water that allows us to work and fulfill different life duties. Every human body's cell, tissue, and organ requires water to function.

The main function of water is to work as an excretory factor that eliminates waste material from our body and maintains homeostasis in the human body.

How and why does your body get dehydrated?

It is not necessary to feel thirsty to drink water or to tell whether your body is dehydrated or not. Instead, there are times when you will not feel thirsty, but other signs of dehydration might be present that you are ignoring.

The first sign of your body dehydrating is losing energy and irritation. Yes, drinking not enough water can make you angrier, even with the slight inconvenience. 

Dehydration in your body occurs for several reasons, out of which neglecting your health always remains number one. No matter how much fluids you drink, if you are not scheduling your priorities, it will not positively affect you.

Tips that can help your body to stay put and hydrated

Many tips can help you out with your regime of staying hydrated. However, not every tip seems to work for everyone.

Yet, some of the major 8 healthy tips promised to work for a longer term are mentioned in detail below.

1. Drink fruit-infused water

If you are not a big fan of drinking plain water and that keeps you away from drinking 8 glasses of water daily, then you can modify it according to your taste.

  • You can add different fruits; mostly citrusy fruits and vegetables like lemon, strawberries, or cucumbers are preferred.
  • Several researchers have proven that these ingredients have a detoxifying effect that helps to clear inflammation inside the human body.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily can also help you to fight acne and other skin problems that have outgrown your face or body. So, water is a holy grail and the best remedy to treat dehydration and much more.

2. Create a water cycle plan

Every time you use the bathroom or have a meal, make a habit of drinking water afterward. This will keep your daily water intake in check and will maintain your habit of drinking water which is very beneficial.

You can also make a drinking water cycle by buying a water bottle with measurements. This will tell you how many liters of water you have drunk by the end of the day.

BPA free healthy water bottle

3. Technology is a blessing

Stop worrying if you are wondering how technology can help you out. This is because several applications over the internet promise you to take a proper check on your daily intake of water. It also reminds you of the time when you missed drinking your water.

Hence, if it gets difficult for you to keep a reminder of water intake, apps can be a lifesaver and a perfect tip to keep your body hydrated.

  1. Keep your water bottles nearby.

If you are someone who suffers from laziness or has a sluggish lifestyle, then the best tip for you is to keep a jug full of water by your side. Whenever you feel thirsty, you do not have to get up from your place; instead, drink water anytime you want by keeping it by your side. Make sure that the jug is equal to one gallon as it readily helps in fulfilling the daily water requirement.

5. Avoid sugary intake

Well, if you love to eat and drink food with lots of sweetness, then you should try adding some water to it. This will not only dilute the sweetness of the drink but will also provide you with the necessary water requirements for your body.

Moreover, if you are not a fan of super sweet food and drinks then this tip can also help you out to lower the sugary levels in what you eat or drink.

6. Keep the intake levels of alcohol low

Drinking alcohol can be a reason why your body tends to become dangerously dehydrated. Scientific research has shown that alcohol can dry out the water contents inside the human body.

Thereby, you should keep a close check on how many drinks you have had. This rule applies not only to alcohol but to eating and drinking lots of sugary food items.

This is because sugar also causes dehydration, according to many experts. A higher sugar intake causes more urine production, making you feel thirsty.

7. Eat food rich in water

If you are not a big fan of drinking water but like to eat, this tip can do wonders for you. Eating food rich in water is a great way to keep your body fully hydrated and locked with freshness.

Food like cucumber, watermelon, melon, orange, strawberry, and grapefruit can be a very good source of a water-rich diet.

So, try to include them in your everyday meals. You can pair them with grilled chicken, smoked salmon, or turkey to treat your taste buds.

8. Tea can be your best friend

Tea, mostly the ones that are made from herbal ingredients like citrus leaves or floral ones, is an excellent way to keep yourself hydrated. The concept of drinking tea was first introduced when the British used to rile the subcontinent.

Meanwhile, during the early years of China, people drank herbal tea every morning, which helped them with many problems. Like dehydration and weight loss, it also helped them overcome stress or anxiety. Therefore, if you think tea cannot help with dehydration, you should reconsider it.


Drinking water is necessary for your body's cells as most of our cells function by using it as a source of energy. Hence, never neglect water intake and follow tips to stay hydrated.

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