Unique ways to reuse your old water bottle

stainless steel water bottle

With sustainability in your mind, it’s comforting that you can reuse an old water bottle. If your water bottle has lived out its best days, knowing how to reuse a bottle will certainly benefit you.

A different way to reuse your old water bottle

Have you bought a hydro stainless-steel water bottle for its health, environmental and financial benefits? Knowing these water bottles are sturdy and can serve various other purposes is also confronting. Even if your stainless-steel water bottle got damaged after several years of gym trips or outdoor activities. Then you can reuse your old water bottle differently instead of retiring it by throwing it in the bin.

Here we have enlisted multiple ways to reuse your water bottle for better benefits.

So, here we go:

Carry dry food mixes

Whether going for a picnic or planning a tour, old bottles can help you pack stuff effectively. You can use your old water bottles to pack dry mixes of food. For example, if you want to enjoy flavorful pancakes on a trip, you can prepare a dry mix for pancakes. Fill the mixture in the bottle and safely carry it in your luggage. With this, preparing fresh and flavorful pancakes will only be a piece of cake.

Turn that into a flower vase.

You can create a flower vase with any size of stainless-steel old water bottle. Fill your old water bottle with fresh water. Grab a fresh flower bouquet from your home garden or a nearer farmer's market. Avoid cutting the stems of your flowers. Add your favorite flowers to a water-filled bottle, and that’s it. Your cost-effective flower vase is ready.

Pro tip:

Get some paint colors and paint your old water before turning it into a water vase. This tip will easily add a different feel or character to your flower vase.

Water your plants with an old water bottle

Old water bottles can help you in watering. These are not only useful for transporting water from your kitchen to your plants. You can also use these water bottles as a smaller version of drip irrigation inside and outside your house.

Use it as a container to keep spare coins.

At times we need coins to pay for something. You can use an old water bottle as a coin keeper. This would be easier to carry in your car or anywhere in your house. Most importantly, it will give you a specific place to place coins and use them whenever needed. This practice will also keep you from searching the spare coins here and there, especially when you are in a hurry.

wide mouth water bottle

Create an eco-friendly herb garden

Everyone loves having fresh and homegrown herbs to whip their go-to meals. Fortunately, old stainless-steel water bottles can work amazingly to grow an eco-friendly herb garden. However, a stainless-steel bottle with a large opening, such as a wide-mouth stainless-steel bottle, is better. These two-toned water bottles won't only look great but also give you better space to complete herb garden tasks.

To grow an herb garden, you need herb seeds, a bottle of choice, and Potting soil. The process is simple.

  • Take your bottle and fill it with potting soil
  • Drop some seeds in it.
  • Add some water.

Wait a few days; your herbs will start popping up. You can easily get them to grow for summer picking by taking care of them regularly.

Freeze leftover liquids

People generally use ice cubs to freeze their liquid in small amounts. Suppose you have leftover liquids in large quantities and have nothing to store properly. Using your old stainless-steel water bottles can help you here.

Take all the stainless-steel water bottles that you don’t use anymore. Pour leftover liquids into these bottles. Put these water bottles into the freezer. You can use this liquid whenever needed later.  

Use as a cooking aid tool.

Don’t you have a rolling pin? Or do you need a quick cutter for cookies? An old water bottle can serve you better in these cases. The shape of a stainless-steel water bottle makes it an efficient choice for a rolling pin. On the other hand, you can use an old water bottle's lid as a cookie-cutter.

Use it as garage storage.

Everyone has some pieces and bits lying all-around their garages. Now you can use your old water bottles to tidy garage stuff a little up. It is always better to use different bottles for different stuff. Also, you can label each bottle to easier access the stuff there.  

Mix up drinks without a spoon

Do you want to quickly mix up your drinks such as tea, sports drink or protein shake? You can use an old water bottle as a more effective alternative to a spoon in that case. You have to pour your protein shake, supplement powder or tea leaves into the bottle. Add liquid and close the bottle lid. Now give it a few shakes, and it is ready to drink.

Re-filler for pet’s water bowls

You can designate your old water bottle to fill your pets' water bowls. You can also use these water bottles to fill the water pots for other birds under a shadow. The best practice is to use a permanent marker to label the bottle as a re-filler for water bowls.

Help the homeless

Best of all, you can also use old water bottles to help the homeless. In the beginning, you may not understand what to do clearly. However, you can work with your friends and family to serve the homeless with drinks. You will notice that many of these homeless can benefit by having an extra water bottle with them.

Having a bottle with them can help people drink fresh water from public facilities. This practice will also keep them from spending money on buying a water bottle or soda every time they are thirsty.

Final Remarks:

These are some of the best ways to creatively reuse any old water bottle. Being creative in this won’t only help you to stay organized. This practice will also help you be more sustainable in the best possible way.

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