What Surfing Gear Do You Need?

What Surfing Gear Do You Need?

Getting hooked on surfing takes one wave only. Surfing can be difficult, especially when you don't have the right gear. Unlike other watersports, you can glide over ocean waves. However, packing your essential surfing gear ranging from a surfboard to a sports water bottle, are imperative to make the most out of this sport of kings.

Investing in high-quality surging gear becomes essential when you progress and develop good surfing skills.

The must-have surfing gear you need to know.

Unlike the popular opinion, surfers need more than just a surfboard and wetsuit to enjoy surfing. You need:

  • A dry bag to protect your surf gadgets from water.
  • Similarly, surf earplugs keep water from entering your ears.
  • A pair of polarized glasses to protect your eyes.
  • A sports water bottle, specifically a WIDE MOUTH Water Bottle, to keep yourself hydrated.

And the list goes on. To make things more understandable, here we have brought a list of some important surfing gear you must have. Let’s look at the details below to understand things better.

wide mouth water bottle

So, here we go:

1.     Surfboard

Here we are starting with the most important yet obvious surfing gear. Investing in an adequate surfboard is necessary to level up your surfing game. You must choose the best surfboard as per your surfing skills level. For example,

  • If you are a beginner surfer, it would be better for you to choose a long surfboard.
  • These boards are suitable for small and foam waves.
  • Another key benefit of the long surfboard is that standing up and paddling these boards is easier.

However, once you develop efficient surfing skills, you can update the surfboard that can adapt to your progress.

2.     Fins

Fins are essential to let the surfboard grip the wave. In addition, fins are also highly helpful for you to maneuver the surfboard easily. Typically, a surfboard contains three fins. However, these can also vary from one to five based on the type of surfing you practice.

In addition, not all the fins on your surfboard are the same. That’s why choosing the fins requires more knowledge because it can change how your board moves based on multiple factors. The factors usually range from height, shape, flex, profile, and size. Learning more about these factors would be better for making the best decision while choosing fins.

3.     Surf wax

Even if your balance is good, you can't stand firmly on the surfboard. Wax is one of the most important surfing essentials to have. Wax is important as it helps keep your feet from slipping on the surfboard.

In other words, applying wax will help you improve your grip on the surfboard. Before investing in surf wax, you must understand that different types are available based on the water temperature.

So, if you don't know which would be better for you to choose, ask for help from a professional.

4.     Leash

The leash is another most important surfing gear to have. Typically, the leash is a rope used to connect you to the surfboard.

  • It is essential to help you avoid losing your surfboard whenever a wave arrives.
  • Another important purpose of a leash is to ensure your safety.
  • Losing your surfboard over the wave can be the riskiest problem for safety. Therefore, the leash is considered a lifeline.

You will attach the leash to your ankle in surfing to stay safe.

5.     Rash guard

A rash guard usually becomes necessary when your wetsuit starts irritating. You can wear a rash guard between your wetsuit and your body. It will ultimately protect you against allied irritation and scorching sun.

6.     A sports water bottle

Surfing is hard, and it can dehydrate you over time. The fact is truer when you don’t drink enough water while surfing. Fortunately, investing in a sports water bottle like HYDRO STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE WITH STRAW can be best for you. The bottle can help you drink enough amount of water while surfing. Consequently, you can stay hydrated and active to surf on the go.

7.     A wetsuit

A wetsuit is another surfing essential especially based on where you want to go for surfing. If you want to stay in the low-temperature water for longer, consider a wetsuit with your best friend. Various wetsuits are generally available, ranging from sleeveless shirts to long wetsuits.

The best one usually depends upon the specific need of an individual.

The most important thing you should consider while choosing a wet suit is its millimeters thickness. More thickness will result in better protection from the cold. However, thicker wetsuits can also limit your movement freedom. So, consider that as well while choosing the best wetsuit for surfing.

8.     Surfboard bag

Surfboards are pretty sensitive and breakable. However, you can invest in a high-quality surfboard bag to protect your surfboard best.

9.     Surf earplugs

Typically, surfers prefer using earplugs when surfing in cold water. These earplugs help surfers to protect their ear canals. The ear canal can suffer from prolonged exposure to cold wind and water.

10.  Sunscreen

Surfers typically prefer going surfing in the daytime. It is because mapping out the wave and its steepness is easier during daylight. However, the scorching sun also hits the beach during that time. Being exposed to the sun for longer can be harmful to you. You must apply good quality and high-SPF sunscreen to keep your skin from burning while surfing.

11.  A drybag

As a surfer, you usually need to carry multiple gears for surfing. However, there are chances of making your belongings wet on a surfing trip. However, investing in a quality drybag can keep you from damaging anything you carry on your surfing trip. It will keep your belongings safe from water easily.

12.  Traction pad

Traction pads are foam-made grippy pads that get stuck at your surfboard’s tail. Surfers utilize these pads when they need an additional grip on the board for any reason.

In addition, these traction pads can also help surfers to push better through tough turns. The traction pad type you should use depends upon your preferences. These pads are available in almost all price ranges. You can choose the one that best suits your budget.

13.  The grip

The grip is another important tool to ensure your grip and safety on the surfboard. This surfing essential can keep you from slipping. You can find a grip typically on your surfboard’s back, which is truer, especially for smaller boards.

Always remember that both surf wax and grip are two different tools. However, you can choose the best one per your preferences and needs.

So, these are the top surfing gear essentials you must consider when getting started with this sport.

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