Why Does My Metal Water Bottle Taste Weird?

Why Does My Metal Water Bottle Taste Weird?

You may have come across a weird taste when drinking from a metal water bottle. It's not just your imagination; there is usually something strange about drinking out of some metal bottles that have people wondering: why does my metal water bottle taste weird?

Why Does My Metal Water Bottle Taste Weird? 

The most common reason your metal water bottle tastes weird it’s because of a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. If you're using the same metal water bottle all day, then it's essential to clean and dry it before using it each time. Another reason is due to impurities that may have dissolved into the bottle itself.

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Metal is a prevalent material for water bottles because it's durable and cheap. However, there are some drawbacks, like the weird aftertaste. Let us look deeper at the reasons why a metal water bottle tastes weird and what you can do about it.

Factors That Contribute to the Weird Taste of a Water Bottle

Many different factors cause water bottles to taste weird, including the metal used to create the water bottle, rust, and the chemicals used to wash the bottles. Let's further look into the causes. 

Mold and Bacteria Build Up

If you allow the water to sit in the bottle for too long, there's a good chance that bacteria will grow. This bacteria will interfere with the taste when drinking your water and even result in a weird smell.

You might be surprised to learn that some reusable drinking containers could contain more than 300,000 CFU/sq cm (colony-forming units per square centimeter). This rapidly increases the number of bacteria in your bottle. 

We recommend you clean your bottle thoroughly, primarily if you use it daily. This will remove any bacteria or mold before it has a chance to grow.


It's a pretty common problem for metal water bottles to start rusting. This mainly occurs when you use the bottle on an almost daily basis. The rust will generally interfere with the taste of your metal water bottle.

If this happens, it would be best to invest in a stainless steel water bottle like a Hydro Cell bottle which isn’t affected by rust. Hydro Cell bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel that is resistant to decomposition or oxidation. 

Acidic Drinks

If you tend to use acidic beverages like fruit juices in your metal water bottle, it might change the taste of the liquid stored inside. This occurs because these drinks have a low pH level leading to corrosion of the metal bottle.

The way to fix this issue would be not to use acidic drinks in your metal water bottle. Another best solution possible is to invest in stainless steel water bottles. Hydro cell water bottles can withstand harsh conditions.

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Wear and Tear

Like anything used daily, metal water bottles will wear and tear over time. This means that certain parts of the product may be weaker than others, resulting in them breaking more easily. 

When this happens, it might cause issues with the taste of your metal water bottle. If you notice any problems with a weird taste from your metal water bottle, replace it with a stainless water bottle.

Type of Metal Used in the Water Bottle

Nine times out of ten, the reason why your metal water bottle tastes weird is because of imperfect quality metals. For example, if your metal water bottle is made from another type of metal like aluminum, your water will likely taste weird.

Aluminum cannot be washed under hot temperatures increasing the risk of bacteria infestation. When choosing a water bottle, remember that stainless steel doesn't corrode and affect the taste.

Washing Your Bottle With Harsh Chemical Cleaners

No matter what type of liquid you are using in your metal water bottle, it's never a good idea to wash them with harsh chemical cleaners. This can cause the inside of the product to become scratched, which will result in an odd aftertaste.

Washing your drinking container regularly with regular soap and water is the best way to go if you want to avoid this weird taste.

Flavors Retained From Previous Drinks

Sometimes you may notice that your metal water bottle tastes weird after you've cleaned it. Chances are there is a bit of the previous drink's flavor still in the bottle. This occurs mainly with cheap products and can be avoided by investing in a Hydro Cell bottle designed to last.

Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottles are easy to clean; hence do not retain any previous flavors. This ensures that your bottle won't have any weird taste.

The Temperature of The Environment

Metals are good conductors of heat. Therefore, the air or gas can dissolve in the water in hot temperatures, resulting in a weird taste. Avoid placing your metal bottles in areas of high temperatures.

If hot temperatures are inevitable, getting yourself a stainless steel water bottle is ideal. Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottles have the best performing vacuum seal technology ensuring the water inside maintains its temperature.

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Related Questions

Is It Safe to Drink Water That Tastes Metallic?

No, it's not safe to drink water that tastes metallic. The best way to stay safe while drinking water is to invest in stainless steel water bottles such as Hydro Cell bottles that are not affected by decomposition and corrosion. 

Is It Safe to Drink Water Left Out For a Long Period of Time?

No, it's not safe to drink overstayed water because it can develop bacteria, which is not suitable for your health. The resin lining may also leach out to the water hence making it unsafe for drinking.


If your metal water bottle tastes weird, it's time for you to clean it. Not cleaning it can potentially harm your health since the strange taste may be from bacteria build-up. The only best way to save yourself this hassle is to purchase a Hydro Cell water bottle. 

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