Why Hydration is Important When Trying to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

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Many people take water with them for their working sessions to quench their thirst. However, they do not know the importance of hydration for losing fat and gaining muscle through their workout sessions.

Water is helpful, from cutting fats inside your body to building muscles, and here we will discuss why it is so.

Top 9 ways how hydration helps in losing fat and gaining muscle?

The following are the top 9 reasons why hydration is important when trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

1. Staying hydrated increases your metabolism and is beneficial both ways

The first reason why hydration is so important is that it increases your metabolism. Increased metabolism is an appetite suppressant, so your fat loss goals can be more effective. At the same time, increased metabolism due to staying hydrated will help in better muscle growth. Our body is mainly made of water, and it is the most critical nutrient in the formation of muscles.

When you stay hydrated, metabolism boosts muscle tone and increases your water intake. So, it works as a cycle of benefits.

2. Staying hydrated maintains a water and electrolyte balance

Electrolytes are important in our body, and drinking water maintains the electrolyte balance in our bodies. When our body is dehydrated, the electrolyte imbalance can result in muscle cramps, and you will not be able to control your muscles well because nerves control them.

So, staying hydrated helps maintain the electrolyte balance in your body, resulting in better muscle control and movement. It is also important for people who are proactive in their daily life, especially athletes.

3. Hydration improves your digestion resulting in efficient usage of food

Regarding losing fat, digestion is important, and water also helps here. When you drink more water, the body produces more urine. The process of producing urine in your body needs some energy, and the body sheds fats to produce that energy. It means that drinking more water will result in losing more fats.

With better digestion, the nutrients you put in your body are also used. Instead of vital nutrients going to waste, they are absorbed and consumed by the body, which can help with higher energy levels, better performance, and more chances to build muscles.

4. Water lubricates your joints and keeps the bone cushioned

Consistency and efficient performance during a workout are necessary whether you are planning to build muscle or cut fats. No matter which type of workout you choose, there are always chances of dehydration. One of the many issues people do not consider is that dehydration can put more pressure on the joints because the synovial fluids in your joints can dry.

With proper hydration, you will keep the joints lubricated, so there will never be an issue with your joints with easier movement. It also means that you can be more consistent and perform even better during all the workout sessions. So, keep your Wide Mouth water bottle with you to make your workout sessions safe and efficient.

wide mouth water bottle

5. Drinking more water means that you are removing more toxins from your body

Staying dehydrated means the body cannot remove waste and toxins from your body in different ways. In such circumstances, the waste builds up inside the body, making you feel bloated and tired. Thus, muscle gaining and fat losing processes become inefficient.

Drinking more water can easily solve this issue as the body will become more efficient in removing toxins and waste. This process may also need more energy, where excessive body fat will be used, resulting in fat cutting.

6. Drinking water can remove your liquid calorie intake resulting in higher health

For most people, the issue with losing fat is that they have a high-calorie intake that manages the body's requirements. So, the fat is never needed for producing energy inside the body resulting in fat accumulation. When you replace all your liquid intake with water, the calorie intake will significantly reduce. This increased intake of water will be effective in both ways:

  • Reducing the calorie intake
  • Burning fat to produce energy for the body

So, if you also want to try this, you need to carry a Hydro Cell stainless steel drink bottle with you that keeps your drinks fresh and maintains the right temperature.

7. Staying hydrated means that your recovery time is quicker

The individuals who want to focus on gaining muscle need to be properly hydrated because the presence of the body is vital for muscle growth. Water takes all the nutrients that are muscle-building blocks, including glycogen and protein. So, when there is ample water inside your body, the recovery time becomes quicker. It also helps keep your muscle from soreness.

8. Staying hydrated can increase your endurance during exercise sessions

Tolerance to pain and endurance keeps you working out to cut more fats or to build more muscles. When your body is dehydrated, the chances of feeling more pain and less endurance are higher.

On the other hand, proper hydration ensures better endurance during all exercise sessions. Thus, hydration allows you to stay active for longer and work out with higher intensity for higher muscle gains or fat loss.

9. Reduced protein synthesis in your cells can prevent the breakdown of more muscles

Whether working out to lose fat or gain muscle, you must prevent muscle breakdown because it stops protein synthesis in the muscle cells. When you keep your body and its cells hydrated, muscle breakdown is less. So, your muscles and cells inside them will not shrink in size, and you will be stronger.


Now that you know the importance of staying hydrated when trying to get in shape, you must always carry your water supply at the gym. Your stainless steel water bottle can be a great choice in this case. In this way, you will enjoy all your drinks, and your workout sessions will be even more fruitful with the benefits of water.

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